SIBPERU is a biodiversity tool which can be used for conservation policies in the country, we gather information from major biodiversity information systems (e.g. GBIF, EOL, Map of Life, IUCN) in order to map the distribution from Peruvian species, update their conservation status and build Peru's first digital reference biological collection. We also provide personalized tools to private and public companies to better manage and visualize the biological information and used it in environmental studies or monitoring programs, and easily share this information with the government, the community or the general public.

Our motivation

Peru is a megadiverse country that harbors half the world's biodiversity of some taxonomic groups. However, its biodiversity is being lost due to human activities. The number of species inhabiting Peru is uncertain and it is not known the number of new species that are in need of taxonomic description. Thus, for conservation purposes, it is crucial to possess a database that contains records of known species, including collection data, photographs and biological information. SIBPERU will be Peru's first digital reference collection, and will provide information of Peru´s natural heritage (genes, species, and ecosystems).

How it works

SIBPERU has been developed with open source software. The bridge between user and data is provided by a “Graphical User Interface”. The platform is stored in virtual servers in the cloud of commercial providers such as DigitalOcean. The images are stored on Amazon servers. We have also included “web-services” consisting of providing the information in XML format using the “Darwin Core” format for biological data. Thus, major databases such as GBIF, EOL or Map of Life are able to automatically harvest our data.


Carlos Peña, Carol Castillo, Frank Azorsa


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